Solarlight Skylights can change your home dramatically, flooding it with bright, natural light. There are sizes to suit every room, and they can be vented or insulated against heat gain.
Our skylights can be manufactured with a flat glass panel to comply with fire regulations, wired glass diffusers are also available. Solarlight skylights can normally be installed in less than three hours, with a minimum of inconvenience, they feature a colourbond shaft secured top and bottom to create a one piece skylight for greater security. 

Tubular skylights are suitable for tile roofs or metal roofs. Solarlight tubular skylights feature;

  • Skylight features a square dome and flashing to fit neatly into roofs.
  • Full written guarantee on materials and workmanship
  • Professional installers
  • Low installation costs
  • Quality materials
  • No structural alterations
  • Available to suit all roof types
  • Aerodynamic design prevents wind noise
Using quality products and workmanship, Solarlight Skylights carry a 10 year guarantee and are installed by qualified tradesmen. We manufacture to any size required.